The battle is not always over when a soldier walks off the battlefield. For many, it is just the beginning. The typical post-war life is changing, as many soldiers are immediately transitioning from combat to the classroom. Improvements in the G.I. Bill and increased veterans benefits have made a college degree more affordable, and as a result, the number of veterans enrolled in colleges and universities across the nation has soared. But adjustment to college life – and to civilian life – is often more difficult than simply changing out of uniform and into a college sweatshirt, or swapping physical training for a night buried in the books. While so many of these stories live on college campuses, many remain untold. Graduates of War tells the stories of two NYU student veterans and the hardships they have faced in their common goals of adjustment, overcoming PTSD, and graduation.

Original Score: Thiago Tiberio

Banner Design: Tony Riley


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